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EGC Energy conducts the sale of all appropriate and economic models of generators to meet entire needs of its customers. EGC Energy sales service is performing at the desired optimum conditions.

EGC Energy offers second hand sales of generators of proven technology with a high quality. With its fixed and mobile second hand generators with variable power, it produces solutions for the needs of various customer groups such as residential estates, residential development projects, industrial zones, production complexes, hotels, larger shopping malls, competitions, concerts, immense events, hospitals, agriculture, mining and construction projects etc.

Thanks to our cooperation with Firman Sumec –the company that is dedicated to provide best quality product-, EGC Energy is also selling Firman brand generator with Perkins, Volvo, Cumnins or Firman motor.

Details of some of our Firman Motor Generators:

Model of Generator
Technical Details


firman sinomach

Please feel free to contact us regarding all the products. We would be pleased to serve you.